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Two Truths

After the mysterious death of her husband, Renee Morgan is determined to protect her three daughters, forcing her to face a history she has spent a lifetime avoiding.

Groomed by her father to join the most elite of secret societies, Brett knows she is destined for something great. But her ambition demands a high price.

Sara is ready to avenge her father at any cost. When she finds herself swept up in conspiracies and family secrets, her search for answers uncovers a primeval power.

Hadley watched her father die and now he won’t leave her alone. Guided by his ghost, she begins to experience memories of past lives.

As the journeys of Renee, Brett, Sara and Hadley converge, two Truths are revealed that change everything they knew about themselves and the world they live in.

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Instead of Normal

A month after fleeing her wedding and life as she knew it, Claire Demarcus is at a party in Jamaica when a strange girl stumbles onto the scene. Claire finds herself curiously drawn to this stranger and rescues her from the harassment of two local men.

Worlds apart but both in need of something the other has, they set off on an adventure that eventually takes them to South America. Amidst inbred communities, erupting volcanoes, covert drug plants, and deathly parasites, an unlikely relationship develops between them. So do strange coincidences that cause Claire to suspect their meeting was not an accident.

Release date: 2023


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After the death of her sons and a failed marriage, Erica decides traditional marriage is not for her and sets out to live a life of polyamory, determined that any future intimacy will not be confined by antiquated customs, but guided by truth and consciousness.

As she attempts to live this ideal, she faces the difficulties of veering from tradition, experiences the struggles of holding steadfast to a belief, and discovers that love is both complicated and fragile regardless of the structure in which it grows.     

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The Barber and the Buller

When Izzy was a child, her grandmother told her she would one day have visions and that when she did she must return home. The day Izzy returns, a local mine, inactive for thirty years and forgotten beneath the winding roads of her hometown, explodes.

Under the guidance of her grandmother, Izzy learns to interpret her visions, which guide them to investigate the explosion. What they unearth is beyond anything either could have imagined.

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